Case study

Sweaty Betty

A multi-channel social campaign targeting female consumers travelling to wellness and ski destinations that resulted in £110k worth of purchases in three months and a brand uplift of 25.3%.

The objective

British female activewear brand Sweaty Betty is renowned for its yoga and beachwear ranges, selling one pair of its Power Leggings every 60 seconds. However, awareness around its ski and snowboarding line is still relatively low by comparison.

The client wanted to take advantage of the return of summer travel to boost sales of its yoga and beachwear ranges while capitalising on the resurgence of ski holidays to promote its latest winter products with an engaging, high-energy social campaign.

The strategy

By combining the targeting capabilities of Navigator and Facebook, we were able to successfully identify a considerable audience of female consumers with an interest in wellbeing and fitness. More importantly, we were able to target those who were flying to yoga, beach and ski resort destinations.

Sweaty Betty supplied us with eight Facebook and Instagram creatives promoting their summer and winter ranges, which we served directly to our audiences' timelines and Stories for maximum exposure. An exclusive 20% discount was included to increase engagement.

It was determined that the summer campaign would be targeted at as wide an audience as possible, so we partnered with three airlines – easyJet, United Airlines and Spirit Airlines – which enabled us to reach travellers across two major continents. However, because ski holidays are a comparatively niche market, we decided to focus on audiences flying to US-based destinations only.

We monitored the top-performing regions in terms of engagement as the campaign progressed to consistently optimise our strategy. During the summer campaign for example, we saw the majority of purchases were coming from audiences in California and New York, so we began targeting more consumers from these regions to drive sales even further.


The results

Sweaty Betty’s decision to target specific female travellers over a dual summer and winter campaign yielded impressive results, with a significant increase in sales and brand awareness in less than three months.

Running from 10 August to 15 September and 19 November to 12 January, both campaigns delivered:

• 1,162 purchases at a value of £110,000
• 5.4 million impressions
• 48,400 click-throughs to relevant product pages on Sweaty Betty’s online store
• A brand uplift of 25.3%


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